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Specializing In Early Interceptive Orthodontics & Monitoring Airway and Facial Growth

Are you considering early orthodontic treatment for your child? Our pediatric dentist is highly skilled early orthodontic diagnoses and promoting optimal airway mechanics for young patients. At your child's assessment, Dr. Wilkerson will help design a treatment plan to promote their healthiest smile as they continue to grow!

Is your child or teen ready for a straighter smile? While straighter smiles are a large part of braces and clear aligner therapy, they are not the only reason to undergo orthodontic treatment. The Kids Place in Boerne, TX, offers braces and orthodontic treatment for pediatric patients to address crooked teeth and misaligned smiles, along with issues that may affect chewing, speech, teeth crowding, or impaction.

Dr. Wilkerson with one of his pediatric patients and her momIf your child or teen is ready to learn more about orthodontic treatment for a straighter, healthier smile, call Dr. Wilkerson to schedule a consultation and get the answers you need!

Your Child's Orthodontic Consultation

An orthodontic examination should be done for each child by the age of 7, unless obvious problems become apparent early on. By discovering potential problems earlier and starting treatment, future extractions of permanent teeth may be avoided and treatment may actually take less time and expense.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are still the most common treatment for orthodontic patients of all ages - they are recommended if you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw problems, or a misaligned bite. Modern metal braces with modern advancements, metal braces have become flatter and more minor, providing a much more comfortable orthodontic experience. Not only that, but you also have the option to customize the brackets and bands with colors that reflect your team spirit. Show off your style and personality with every smile!

Retainers & Post-Orthodontic Treatment

Once you've completed your dental braces treatment, Dr. Wilkerson will make recommendations for maintaining your smile results, including a custom-fitted retainer. If your retainer has become lost or damaged, call us for a speedy replacement! 

Early Orthodontics (Early Interceptive Orthodontics)

before and after look at how braces can help align a young patient's teeth so they grow in properlyInterceptive orthodontics is an early intervention for growing children. Children from first to third grade are prime candidates for early orthodontic intervention, as the face rapidly grows during this time. With this method, specialists coordinate care with other medical specialists to help direct facial growth and improve the overall health and function of the mouth.

Orthodontic arch development can often make room for permanent teeth, thus eliminating extensive treatment times. Dental crowding is addressed early when the face has significant growth potential. The correct mode of breathing (through the nose) is related to dental crowding, and more mouth breathing will result in more dental crowding.

Interceptive orthodontic treatment provides multiple benefits, including reducing the need for extensive treatment later, improving breathing, improving facial growth, improving dental arch development, and avoiding the loss of permanent teeth while giving your child a fantastic confidence-boosting smile.

Guidance of Eruption 

Dr. Wilkerson with pediatric orthodontic patientOur orthodontic services for straight teeth and optimal oral function may require treatment to guide the eruption of teeth. At The Kids Place, guidance of eruption is used to align teeth as they emerge from the gums. Encouraging the adult teeth to align naturally eliminates the need for mechanical movement of the teeth with braces and other oral appliances.

Pre-eruption guidance provides more stability for teeth. When teeth are guided into place naturally, the adult collagenous fibers provide stronger support for the teeth.

Different dental appliances are used to provide better spacing of the primary anterior teeth or to expand the arches to allow more space for teeth to come through the gums in the correct position. The appliance is typically worn at night so as not to interrupt regular daily activities, leading the permanent incisors into the correct positions to allow proper lateral spacing of the primary anterior teeth.

Once the incisors’ positions are correct, the remaining adult teeth can come through with adequate space.

Orthodontic Treatment for Healthy Smiles 

Orthodontic treatment for kids and teens can help ensure their healthiest smiles as they continue to grow. Call our pediatric dental team today to schedule your orthodontic consultation and take the first step towards achieving your child's healthier, straighter smile! 

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