Kids' Dental Restorations in Boerne, TX

Dr. Michael Wilkerson offers exceptional dental restorations for young patients, using customized treatment solutions and quality materials. A top pediatric dentist office in Boerne, Texas, The Kids Place is a premier dental care provider catering to the smiles of infants, children, and teenagers. Our commitment to offering high-tech solutions ensures both comfort and efficiency for our patients. Whether you require a simple filling or a dental implant, you can expect the fast and comfortable care you deserve.

before and after restorative dentistry case by Dr. WilkersonWe offer the following restorative dentistry services at The Kids Place in Boerne, TX:

Dental Crowns

Our stainless steel and prefabricated porcelain/ceramic dental crowns repair damaged or broken teeth that are still otherwise healthy. The crown provides protection and stability by fitting over the original tooth. The dental crown procedure can also be employed for chipped tooth repair, restoring your smile to its optimal condition.

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Say goodbye to unattractive metal fillings. Dr. Wilkerson employs state-of-the-art dental filling materials that are color-matched to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. With these tooth-colored fillings, no one can tell you have ever had a cavity or undergone a dental restoration. Moreover, The Kids Place takes pride in being an amalgam-free dental office, ensuring you receive treatment with the safest possible materials.

Pediatric Endodontics

For children experiencing severe tooth damage or decay, our pediatric dental team may recommend gentle endodontic treatment such as root canal therapy or a pulpotomy. These treatments are perform to ease pain, prevent disease and restore your child’s healthy smile!

Endodontic treatment is typically used to address infection or inflammation that has been caused by a deep cavity or injury to the tooth. To treat a child's permanent tooth, our Kids Place dentist may recommend root canal therapy. For your child's root canal treatment, their affected tooth will be numbed, allowing our dentist to carefully remove any infected pulp before resealing the tooth.

Endodontic therapy may also be performed on a baby tooth, with treatments like a pulpotomy to remove decay and affected pulp from the tooth, while leaving the tooth’s healthy root intact. After your child’s tooth has been treated with endodontic therapy, Dr. Wilkerson will cover and seal the tooth with a protective new filling or dental crown to complete their tooth restoration!

Dental Bonding

Dr. Wilkerson in front of The Kids Place signUtilizing the power of dental bonding, we can beautify and strengthen missing parts of a tooth. Our expertly shade-matched, tooth-colored materials, similar to white fillings, enable us to cover chips or gaps in the teeth effectively. Moreover, the procedures often do not require numbing or adjusting the tooth, making the experience even more comfortable for many patients.

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